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R&D center

R & D center has more than 10 professional and experienced engineers to develop constantly new products in the fields of liquid seasoning, powder seasoning, quick-frozen food and other fields. The center has advanced and completes hardware facilities, is equipped with various high-end testing devices, as well as many small production lines which can simulate the actual state of the product in cooking process.
As one of the company's exchange windows to outside world, R & D center provides technical service to customers in flexible, timely, thoughtful work style, often carries out dozens or even hundreds of times of experiments to develop a sample. The center can develop independently not only the liquid and powder seasoning, coating flour, coating paste for livestock and poultry products, aquatic products, vegetable products, but also new products according to customer requirement. The center can provide the product process and equipment condition setting and other related parameters, a full range of services to the customers at home and abroad.
Pushed by R&D, more and more new products in the past few years were put into markets, in average annual steady growth rate above 10%, contributing to the sustainable development of the company.


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